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  1. well what a day Papa went to the shop on his own left me behind i don`t like it when he does that because i get a bit bored so i sleep alot i did play with mummy for a while but mostly slept. it was different when papa came home i got very excited and played a game with him then had my dinner Papa is going to take me tomorrow so i think we will go for a walk round the farm. Mummy is cutting alot of things up she is making journal packs to sell in our shop will tell about my day tomorrow

  2. Hi my name is Bobby and i live with two lovely humans Tim and Julie who, as i am now a member of the their family i call Mummy and Papa. I have to dictate my blog to Pa as i can`t type very well i did have a go once but it didn`t make sense i will be talking alot about my day but also about all the wonderful things we make i say we but i mean mummy, me and Papa just sell it we have a shop on Horam manor Farm which is in the country somewhere, i have a bit of trouble getting on with horses which is unfortunate as our shop is next door to the stables but i am doing my best to be quiet it just takes alot of effort i have added a photo of me and i will write again tomorow this me being lazy Mummy and Papa got up ages ago09.04.18 003