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  1. i had so much fun at the Horam manor Fun Dog Show i met loads of humans and got cuddles and love from everybody, Papa entered me in a few classes and guess what i came second in the Best Rescue Class not bad for a scuffy slightly smelly dog , smelly because Papa forgot to wash me and scruffy because i had not been to see Crtney she is the lady who grooms me she is nice and iam never worried when i am with her any way back to the Dog show they was a visit from the Queen she brought her Corgi, i think she had had enough of the wedding and decided to pop in. I am including a photo of me at the show you may notice i have a white eyebrow that was my Mummy the day before the show i jumped up to her to get a cuddle but she was painting so when she had to push me down i got a steak of paint above my eye Papa tried to get it off but i have been left with some

    see you soon xxxx Bobby32972171_1729930150424125_5950655198375444480_n19.05.18 005

  2. what a time i have had have been ill and recovered met loads of new friends and their owners was a star at a May Day Fair and me t a lovely lady next door to our shop how make nice dog collars i know a few ladies who would look good in those, Mummy and Papa have been busy, mummy has been making ajournal and papa has been making flowers out of plastic bottles which is a shame because i like chewing on them. This Saturday along with Papa i am going to a dog show and Papa hopes we will win a rossette, i don`t hold out much hope i have never been to a dog show before and i think i will be distracted by all the other dogs still i will try my best Papa will have a pocket full of treats i will let you know how i get on.

    The next door to our shop is called Katie she is very nice and always talks to me she has a dog and say`s she will bring him in one day can`t wait will write soon xxx Bobby