About Us

Many moons ago back in 2004 we decide to start our company back then we had little stock and even less money, what we did have was a good idea and lots and lots of enthusiasm we started selling at Community centres, Markets, Fairs just about anywhere we could put up a table we created a website and our business flourished, after many years of selling through our online shop and face book we decided last year to take on a bricks and mortar shop at Horam Manor Farm small but perfectly formed all our products are here, gifts, craft kits for kids, trinket boxes, photo frames craft embellishments, sequins and beads, homeware and a lot more

We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet through reducing consumption and pollution, reusing what we have and recycling everything we have

 We also create craft kits for children from 3years to teens which may help develop coordination, socialisation, and dexterity our sewing kits have child friendly needles and all our glues and paints are non-toxic.

 We believe it`s important for all children to have the opportunity to experience the sense of achievement and excitement of creating something unique

You will find the full address of our shop below please note we are currently unable to take card payments at this shop

or you can order via this website


 Horam Manor Farm, Horam, TN21 0JB